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Edge80 is remarkably flexible. Just like any programmable technology, it is up to your imagination what you can do with Edge80. However, Edge80 is usually used to solve performance and content adaptation problems where high speed and edge-based delivery are essential.

Some of the Edge80 use-cases are described below.

Edge Cache Your Whole Site

Using Edge80 to process a complete site is the next step up, and has the greatest potential to accelerate sites to achieve extremely good performance and virtually instant scalability. Edge80 essentially becomes a "reverse-proxy" load-balancer similar to technologies like Varnish, except performs its work at the edge rather than requiring additional server resources.


  • Greatest performance increase. Even more dramatic gains can be for sites which contain infrequently updated content.
  • Greatest control over every asset and page.
  • Ability to make revisions "at the edge" based upon visitor profile (device, locality, etc.).


  • Complex dynamic content can be created using advanced rulesets.
  • Total control of not only edge caching but also ability to control browser caching using both declarative directives as well as edge-side Javascript.
  • Make the changes to your site or the way its content is served that your CMS or platform makes too difficult.
Edge80 Cache Solution

Edge80 CDN Solution

Media CDN

Using Edge80 instead of a traditional CDN is one of the easiest use-cases for Edge80. The Edge80 engine is one of the fastest service platforms available, typically serving cached requests in only 5ms.


  • Easy set-up requiring only a simple rules file.
  • Automatic gzip compression.
  • Easy to create custom rules to treat certain assets specially (such as revising CSS files).
  • Excellent starting point for adding advanced Edge80 features.
  • High speed serving of content through Request Pipelining.

Content Adaptation for Mobile Sites

Our enterprise customers have used Edge80 almost exclusively for content adaptation in cases where their current site did not accommodate mobile devices, or where alternative markets required subtle changes to their site (such as contacts or support information).

Applications like this are really where Edge80 shines not only in performance, but in being able to exploit the advantages of Edge80's unique edge programmability.


  • Tremendous economic advantages for sites running older CMSs or non-mobile-aware technologies. Avoids or postpones costly re-development.
  • No changes whatsoever to existing site, meaning that customer-facing sites can be updated with new designs and capabilities without requiring server-side redevelopment.


  • With good planning, a complete set of highly targeted sites can be created while minimizing costly CMS and theming development on your servers.
  • As this is a more advanced Edge80 application, may require some experience with Edge80's Javascript object model and knowledge of HTTP caching.
Edge80 Mobile Solution

Edge80 MediaWiki Solution

Enhance and Edge Cache MediaWiki

Though MediaWiki is a great, collaborative information CMS it can be sluggish in serving content and is notoriously hard to style. Using the Edge80 MediaWiki solution you can easily completely restyle mediawiki using advanced user interface frameworks.

We even use Edge80 to publish our own documentation from Mediawiki to our documentation site at doc.edge80.com.

You can find out more about our MediaWiki solutions at wikipublish.edge80.com.


  • Not just a template or an export, the site is live and changes are seamlessly published.
  • Adapt your MediaWiki content for today's popular devices without changes to your wiki.
  • Admins and authors use the same familiar wiki. MediaWiki logins & permissions remain in place.
  • Your published site is served by a world-class global network that manages traffic peaks for you.


  • Customize anything with Edge80's powerful adaptation language.
  • As this is a more advanced Edge80 application, may require some experience with Edge80's Javascript object model and knowledge of HTTP caching.

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