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Edge80 is a revolutionary content publishing and distribution product that combines all the features of a high-speed CDN with a remarkable "adaptation" engine that can transform, revise, and alter content as it is being delivered to the browser. It opens up new possibilities in the distribution of content, as well as the ability to repurpose, reformat, and target existing content for new audiences.

Great Performance

Edge80's server technology is written from the ground-up and designed for speed and reliability. Cached objects are generally served in less than 5ms. The following diagram explains the process flow of a request coming in to Edge80.

Edge80 Cache Process Flow

Programmable at the Edge

The Edge80 platform gives you a great rules language you can use to get a lot done quickly, and tools like JavaScript, regex, XSLT and XPath to enable you to easily manipulate the content you are serving. Or serve content in whole new ways. Combined with Edge80's feature-rich caching functionality and adaptive capacity, it's easy to shift significant traffic load and functionality off your servers and onto Edge80.

<!-- Accelerate and cache with globally distributed network. -->
<rule match="*" comment="Basic Proxy">
  <set-cache cookies="ignore" aggressive="true" maximum-age="7200" />
    <fetch type="proxy">
      <set host=""/>

Auto-Scaling Atomic Server Architecture

Edge80 is based on an "atomic server architecture" where each server acts alone and independently of the others, therefore having no bottlenecks that stand in the way of extremely high instance counts distributed over a diverse geographic area. Edge80 is designed to serve dynamic application content to literally hundreds of millions of concurrent users by creating swarms of atomic servers.

Edge80 moves intelligence and resources to the network's edge making hyper scalability practical and available without requiring large infrastructure investments. In this approach, distributed servers act autonomously and require no central management. Client data remains secure and control is at the management layer. As visitors request sites, agent servers seek out instructions, scaling up and contracting downward as needed to meet regional or event-based demands.

Secure (SNI)

Both proxy and CDN solutions have typically had a weakness in the ability to deliver HTTPS content. Traditional SSL certificates are bound to individual servers and lack the flexibility to allow serving from a dynamic edge infrastructure anything like Edge80. However, the new SNI standard, supported by modern browsers and operating systems (including mobile and tablet browsers) is now supported by Edge80 allowing secure HTTP transactions such as online purchases, secured logins and any other transfer of sensitive data.

Built in support for encrypted resources and rules required for implementation of end to end secure content via SNI also allows users to secure all their Edge80 rules or libraries this way.

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Globally Distributed

Edge80 servers are distributed at several locations across the planet to give high speed edge proximate access to users. DNS Services automatically route requests to servers with the lowest latency, giving the most efficient response.

Don't Touch Existing Code

Many cloud based PaaS products require developers to integrate heavily with the new platform. Retooling, or porting to those platforms is time consuming and rarely portable. Edge80 has been built to complement, rather than replace existing investments. It doesn't require that you serve your site from any particular platform or even to add plugins or add-ons to your CMS or web servers.

No Deployment or Provisioning

With Edge80 you can stop worrying about provisioning enough servers for demand, or having too many servers, proxies or load balancers when demand is low. Instead, Edge80 allows you to simply provide it with the appropriate rules for your sites and it takes care distributing them to meet demand for your content globally whenever and wherever it occurs. In fact Edge80s atomic server model means the swarms of small autonomous servers can easily scale to meet demand with no structural overheads like load balancers at all.

Automatic Cache Control

One of the traditional problems with caching technologies is handing over control of what is served, and thereafter having little control over what's in the cache and for how long. Many proxying tools make this notoriously hard to manage. Edge80 has a dedicated service to manage the cached content and rules globally at high speed. The management console, development tools and rules language integrate cache control to ensure rules updates and content changes are seamlessly updated globally.

External GIT Access

Version control is a vital part of development no matter the type or scale of the task. The Edge80 Management Console implements version control features directly, to assist with development within the environment. Developers can also take advantage of full git access to their projects as a standard git repository for those who want to use their own editor or environment and have full control of versioning, branching and so on. Developers can use their existing git tools, editor, platform and development practices while still taking advantage of the Edge80 features such as automatic cache control.

Full featured management console

The Edge80 management console provides flexible access to usage statistics as well as tools to help configure Domain Names and address routing for the users Edge80 solutions. It also includes a development environment to host Edge80 projects and any associated assets, including version control. Integrated remote git access is also available, and can be used seamlessly alongside the online development environment.

Complete Documentation

Extensive documentation exists for the Edge80 rules language, javascript objects, and common implementation tasks. The documentation site also includes instructions and guidance on implementation topics such as SNI and DNS. Also, our documentation site itself is built on Edge80.

Framework to help ease application development

The Edge80 development environment has a growing library of frameworks and utility scripts to enable more rapid development of Edge80 rules. These allow Edge80 developers to easily apply existing functionality and extend it to their individual needs.

Image manipulation library

Edge80 is designed to enable you to not only better deliver, but manipulate all your web content as you need to. This includes a comprehensive suite of image manipulation facilities that allow enhancement of image delivery through resizing, cropping, format adjustment and editing. Deliver all images at just the desired size and format while still taking advantage of the Edge80 front side cache and edge delivery to give exceptional performance.

Only pay for what you use

Edge80 does not require you to provision a solution or infrastructure for the traffic you might have, hope you have, or have one day a year. With the Edge80 platform, there are no upfront costs. It's very simple. You only pay for the traffic your Edge80 sites process. The Edge80 Management Console gives you easy access to site statistics and configuration, so you can stay on top of what is going on. The Edge80 platform takes care of the rest.

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