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Our pricing is simple. You only pay for the traffic your Edge80 sites process, with a minimum monthly fee of $25.

You also get a 30 day obligation free trial to test and analyze your site.

Trial Mode
$0 http Requests
$0 Data (in/out)
$0 Minimum monthly account charge
Edge80 Pro
$1 per 20,000 http Requests
$1 per GB Data (in/out)
$25 Minimum monthly account charge

Trial Mode

We want to give you a one month free trial to test and analyze your website after having Edge80 implemented. Using the analysis tool on the home page and then selecting to generate the rules and implement Edge80 Accelerate and Edge80 Protect (two application frameworks developed using the Edge80 programming language) you can start using your site almost immediately.

It is important to read the information section after we have applied Edge80. For sites with SSL components and for things likes shopping carts, private data (logged in) and payment gateways some fine tuning may be required to optimize the acceleration. All this is well explained in the documentation.

Edge80 Pro

Whether automatically created using the analysis tool or manually developed in the Edge80 Developer Console, you are able to deploy unlimited sites and applications within this mode.

Edge80 Pro is the normal state after trialling. You have full access to the Developer Console and can have a mixture of projects in development, testing and production.

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