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Web pages are slower than ever

There are multiple forces today that are impacting overall end-user Internet experience. These forces include a decline in web site performance, an explosion of marginal web and mobile applications, a dramatic increase in web traffic, too few application development standards, and the increasing intrusion of a hacker population.

The Edge80 system

The Edge80 system is software as a service (SaaS) that provides multiple solutions for companies that are focused on improving end-user experience with web and mobile applications.

The Edge80 system is a new type of reverse proxy server that intelligently adapts server responses to the individual user requests based on a set of predefined Edge80 application rules.

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The Challenge

The difference between an engaged user and a frustrated former visitor to your website can be measured in mere fractions of a second. Edge80 ensures that your site is performing at the highest level possible.

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Web Acceleration

Improve web site response times for each individual end-user, decrease bandwidth used by traffic to/from your web site, and reduce your web server size and CDN utilization. Accelerate and protect your Drupal and Magento sites without touching your existing website code.

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Build your own Edge80 applications for content adaptation or mobilization. Extend or adapt any of the existing applications using familiar standards such as XML, JavaScript, XPath, regex and XSLT.

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