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A Programmable Content Delivery Network

Of course Edge80 covers all the features you expect from an advanced high performance cloud-based CDN. With Edge80 your deployment and infrastructure headaches go away.

Plus you get a development toolkit adaptation language that executes at the edge. You are in control with a single scalable flexible platform for dynamic content creation and manipulation.

Familiar Standards

Edge80 incorporates XML, Javascript, XPath, regex and XSLT to give you full control of your content.

<!-- Accelerate and cache with globally distributed network. -->
<rule match="*" comment="Basic Proxy">
  <set-cache cookies="ignore" aggressive="true" maximum-age="7200" />
    <fetch type="proxy">
      <set host="www.yoursite.com"/>

Content Adaptation

Unlike a conventional edge-based CDN, Edge80 becomes an active participant in your application, all under your control to meet your requirements.

Reduced Infrastructure

Properly designed, an Edge80 ruleset can offload more than 90% of traffic from your backend; even sites which have shopping carts and user logins.

Great Performance

Edge80's server technology is written from the ground-up and designed for speed and reliability. Cached objects are generally served in less than 5ms.