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Faster sites engage customers

Studies show fast sites keep users engaged and lead to more conversions.

Edge80 not only makes sure your site is available from servers as close as possible to your site visitors, but uses extensive caching and content optimization to ensure the fastest content delivery.

Mobilization puts you where your customers are

Over 50% of web access is now from mobile devices. Having a mobile optimized site makes your site readily found by searches and readily enjoyed by a vast segment of users.

Edge80 allows you to mobilize your site without changing your existing infrastructure or installing new software.

Handle burst traffic and keep serving customers

Traffic is unpredictable. Burst traffic can happen any time, and maintaining extra infrastructure for traffic that might happen is expensive and hard to manage.

Edge80 automatically scales to meet the demand at the moment and ensure your users all get an optimum experience.

Great Performance

The engine's unique design allows tens of thousands of computing cells to operate independently in geographically distributed swarms. Each cell is a complete, miniature, technical eco-system that can handle more than 700,000 requests per second.

Your back-end web servers can focus on content, while Edge80 handles delivery at the edge. On a typical implementation, the Edge80's caching functionality handles over 95% of the traffic.

Reliable Protection

Because the Edge80 architecture was designed to operate in a distributed fashion, there is no single point of failure. Each Edge80 Computing Cell is a high-speed engine that can operate independently if required, to interact with client and server resources.

If a system or network failure takes out some computing cells, clones are automatically generated to pick up the load and serve your sites until the problem is rectified.

Automatic Cache Control

Edge80 has a dedicated service to manage the cached content and rules across the system at high speed. The management console and development tools integrate cache control to ensure rules updates and content changes are seamlessly updated globally.

Rules can be customized to allow control of content cache at various levels of granularity.

Content Adaptation

Unlike a conventional edge-based CDN, Edge80 becomes an active participant in your application, all under your control to meet your requirements.

Reduced Infrastructure

Properly designed, an Edge80 ruleset can offload more than 95% of traffic from your backend; even sites which have shopping carts and user logins.

Cost Effective

You don't have to guess what your traffic might look like. With the Edge80 platform, you pay only for what you use (see pricing).

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